Getting Started with eParaksts

eParaksts integration solutions are a set of technological solutions maintained by VAS "Latvijas Valsts radio un televīzijas centrs" (LVRTC), which provide electronic document signing, sealing, and identity verification equivalent to a handwritten signature or in-person identification. LVRTC is the only Qualified Increased Security Electronic Identification Service Provider in Latvia and ensures compliance with all highest regulatory and security requirements set by both Latvian and European Union regulatory authorities.

To integrate electronic signing, identity verification, electronic sealing, or other necessary functionalities into your system, there are several integration products available.

Test environment

The test environment provides the opportunity to perform secure functional and non-functional testing of eParaksts and e-Identity services without affecting the production environment. In the test environment, all trust services provided by LVRTC can be tested.

More about test environment read here.

eParaksts integration solutions

Integrating eParaksts integration solutions into system, the client gains a diverse set of possibilities - depending on the client's needs and the integration performed - and both with tools for individual users (eParaksts mobile, eID card) and with the eZīmogs (electronic seal) functionality for legal entities.

Some of the main use cases our clients usually have:

💡 e-Identity verification to verify end user identity as well as their age.

💡 Electronic document signing and management to be able to sign documents as well as to verify them.

💡 Data integrity implementation in the client system (electronic seal and timestamping) to ensure the origin, creation time, and integrity of documents and data.

💡 Infrastructure certificate for system identification to ensure secure and reliable data transmission between information systems.

eParaksts integration solutions includes set of functionalities that comply with both Latvia and the European Union requirements for electronic document signing and identity verification processes. It covers the full range of functionalities, starting from creating electronic document containers to adding signatures and even enabling collaboration. Detailed information about the complete set of capabilities can be found in the documentation guidelines for each product.

There are also available eParaksts browser extension (for using smart cards in a web environment) and Java EDOC libraries.

How to apply?

  1. Create a legal entity profile at and fill out the service order form.
  2. Sign the agreement for the use of the service (if you already have a contract with LVRTC, then you will only sign the agreement for the specific product).
  3. After receiving the credentials, try the solutions in the test environment (recommended).
  4. Integrate the solutions into your own or your clients' systems.


A single test environment connection can be used for testing various products and multiple development projects. However, the contract for the production environment connection needs to be signed by the end client (the information system owner - the company on whose behalf identity verification will be performed, who will be issued certificates, or other actions will be taken using eParaksts tools from the client's system).


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