Let’s try Two-factor authentication with eParaksts mobile

Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) authentication module with eParaksts mobile

eParaksts mobile AD FS module

The eParaksts mobile AD FS module is a service provided by LVRTC to enable eParaksts mobile authentication in the client's Active Directory based on the Service Agreement. The module is developed for Windows Server 2019, on which the Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) is installed and configured. The module enables two-factor authentication in the AD FS service using eParaksts mobile as second authentication metod, allowing partner employes to access various applications and resources located in different partner systems and websites.

How to apply?

  1. Contact the eParaksts team by writing to [email protected]. Within five working days, we will contact you to start the process of signing the contract.
  2. Sign the agreement for the testing of the service (if you already have a contract with LVRTC, then you will only sign the agreement for the specific product).
  3. After signing the agreement, we will send to you the AD FS authentication module along with eParaksts mobile installation package and integration guidelines.
  4. Integrate the module into your AD FS service.

What is necessary to start testing?

  1. An active AD FS service is required for successful installation, which will be restarted during the installation process. The installation needs to be run with the Administrator privileges.
  2. The module requires network access from the AD FS server to the environment at https://eidas.eparaksts.lv/ or https://eidas-demo.eparaksts.lv


Read more about eParaksts test environment https://developers.eparaksts.lv/docs/getting-started


The eParaksts mobile AD FS module is free of charge.

Testing period

In the testing period of the eParaksts AD FS module we’re here to:

  • Getting to know your problems with module installation;
  • Receiving installation or testing bugs to [email protected];
  • Answering to your questions;
  • Making the necessary changes for successful module operation.


Once the testing period and decision-making process about using the eParaksts mobile ADFS module are complete, the new agreement for the production environment will be sealed.**