Identity provider API

User Session And Its Termination


When the end-user is successfully authenticated, the identity provider maintains authenticated end-user session, which is to be used for repeated request. Identity provider support end-user authentication from different information systems, where end-user already has authenticated.

Identity provider maintained session usually is not necessary to terminate, it can affect end-user experience with single sign-on functionality.

In situations where there is a need to stop the identity provider authenticated end-user's session, then it is necessary to perform the following HTTP GET request.

The session may be terminated at the time when the information about the end-user is obtained. It is necessary to take into account if Integration platform document signature functionality is used then the session must be stopped as required.


GET /trustedx-authserver/{idp}/logout?redirect_uri=...

Parameters - take into account the fact that all parameters are converted using the UTF- 8 character encoding URL encoding and conditions.

idppathmandatoryIdentity provider and its identifier available to the Service provider’s application.
redirect_uriquerymandatoryService provider’s application web address where to redirect the end-user.


The following example shows a situation where end-user's session is terminated by identity provider "lvrtc-eipsign-idp".

GET /trustedx-authserver/lvrtc-eipsign-idp/logout? HTTP/1.1