Electronic document signing and management

The Signing platform (SignAPI) provides electronic document management using LVRTC supported electronic identification tools and electronic signature certificates.

One integration - the complete lifecycle of electronically signed documents

Optimize processes, manage resources, and process electronically signed documents sent from abroad (EU) as well.


The signing platform provides the creation and verification of electronic documents in accordance with the requirements of Latvian and European Union legislation.


  • Full cycle of electronic document signing - starting from the creation of the signed document package to the addition and verification of the timestamp;
  • Adding and eSignature and/or eZīmogs (electronic seal);
  • Verification of electronically signed documents in Latvia and the EU;
  • Bulk signing of files;
  • File sharing within the information system;
  • Creation of an archive timestamp;
  • System signature with qualified tools;
  • and more!

Supported formats





The signing platform provides the ability to create a signature in .JSON file format (JAdES signature format). This allows the client system to create a system signature with a qualified electronic signature or eZīmogs (electronic seal) - sign data, system log entries, transaction details, etc.

What is necessary to start using (legally)?

  1. Create a legal entity profile at www.eParaksts.lv and fill out the service order form for the testing environment and/or Signing platform, indicating what you want to integrate.
  2. Sign the contract for the use of the service.
  3. After signing the contract, all the necessary access credentials for integrating the testing environment and/or production will be issued.
  4. Integrate the solution into the client's systems.


One testing environment contract can be used for the development and testing of various client solutions integration.


To obtain production credentials, the e-Identity platform contract must be concluded with the end client - the system owner for whom the integration will be carried out.

What is necessary to start using (in practice)?

  1. Most convenient way for integration is our Signing Platform - SignAPI service. Use signapi-prep.eparaksts.lv for testing environment and signapi.eparaksts.lv for production.
  2. To perform signing you need access to end users signing and authentication certificates. To get end users eParaksts mobile certificates use integration platform (eidas.eparaksts.lv), for eID certificates use browser plugin (used read certificates from smart card reader).
  3. After getting the end user certificates use integration platform with your credentials for backend request to get server to server access (introspect) token which is used to authenticate against SignAPI service.
  4. Authenticate with introspect token to SignAPI service, start SignAPI session, upload file and calculate signable data with end user signing certificate.
  5. Create digital signature using integration platform (eidas.eparaksts.lv) for eParaksts mobile, for eID use browser plugin.
  6. Finalize document signing using end users authentication certificate and signature value from previous step.
  7. Download and validate signed document.
  8. Full documentation of SignAPI service is available here.


If the client system only requires the ability to sign documents, there is also the option of integrating with the Portal Signing Interface, which allows the client system to call a customized signing tool on the website www.eParaksts.lv. This interface provides a limited range of functionalities for electronically signing, downloading, viewing, and saving files in the client's solution after signing.

❗ The Portal Signing Interface is not compatible with the Signing Platform (additional functionalities that are only available in the Signing Platform cannot be connected later), so we encourage you to evaluate the most suitable solution before developement.

What’s Next